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Outdoor Lighting Tips For Your Garden

Released On 20th Apr 2023

Outdoor Lighting Tips For Your Garden

As the weather starts to warm up, your' probably looking to spend more time in your garden. Spending time outdoors is great for your physical and mental health, and spring is a perfect time to enjoy it. Our favourite time is the golden hour- that blissful time when day meets night, and the light transforms the space around you. If you’re really clever, you can make your garden seem even more magical by investing in some garden lighting. With the right lighting in place, you can make shadows, create extra space and completely change the feel of the environment around you. Want to know our favourite lighting tips? Read on.

Create Silhouettes With Ground Level Lights

Lighting doesn't have to all be at a height. In fact, some of our favourite lighting solutions are found directly on the ground. Ground-level lights can be used to subtly create a lit backdrop to other features in your garden. They can be used to create striking silhouettes of trees, plants, statues or other features in your garden, highlighting their form and structure in a completely new way. This is particularly effective if you have a lot of architectural features in your space, or if you want to draw attention to a certain feature.

Make Your Trees Glow

Keeping with the ground-level theme, trees in your garden present a great opportunity for lighting. A well-placed spike light at the base of each tree can make such a difference to the space, and tend your garden a more dramatic feel. Spike lights create a warm glow at the base of the tree, as well as silhouetting all of the foliage on the tree. this makes it easier to pick out different shapes and textures, as well as more delicate details at the crown of the tree. 
Add A Cosy Atmosphere With Flames There's nothing cosier than the soft flickering of flames, especially outdoors on a fresh spring evening. This can be easily introduced into your garden through candles, lanterns or even a fire pit. Moroccan lanterns are also a great option, and their scattered shadows can be achieved with electric flames instead of fire, for the added safety factor.

Add Light at Height

Since your garden has no ceiling, if you want to create a well-lit space for dining or entertaining, you will need to do some strategic lighting. This often means running string lights like festooned bulbs among' the branches of trees, in awnings, along fences or decking railings. Your choice of lightbulb can create both a sense of character and cosiness, making them perfectly placed for building an atmosphere.

Safety Is Key

While creating an atmosphere for your garden is important, you also need to keep safety in mind as well. The last thing you want when someone is visiting your home is a fall or an injury. This is particularly important if you have steps since these are often the most dangerous parts of a garden after dark. Make sure they are clearly and brightly illuminated to avoid accidents. Strip lighting is a good option for this, as it illuminates the steps from below.

Use Mirrors To Maximise Illumination

You might not naturally think to have mirrors in your garden, but as well as looking nice they are a fantastic way to add more light to your room without installing extra light fixtures. This is because mirrors are great at reflecting light around a dark space. During the day they will encourage light into dark spots, and at night they will bounce and spread light around the deep corner of your garden.

Don't Underestimate Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lighting is a great starting point for garden lighting ideas. Not only will they provide a layer of extra security for your home, but they can also add style and personality. It’s highly effective at creating something out of nothing. A wall that you might not think twice about during the day can become a dramatic feature at night with the right lighting.

At CMA Garden Design, we don't just look at your plants and grass. We take into account every corner of your garden, including what you want to use it for, to create our designs. So if you want to make the most of your garden space this year, why not get in touch to find out more?