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Decorating Your Garden For Christmas

Released On 1st Dec 2022

Decorating Your Garden For Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful time of year; full of joy, happiness, and shining decorations. No matter where in your city, town, or village you live, you’re sure to see at least one or two houses that go all out with their garden lighting. Most of your neighbours will be content with a few window LEDs and a wreath, and others will have little to no decoration at all. It’s up to you how you decide to decorate, though you’ll find a few ideas below to make your last-minute decorating much easier.

LED Lights

LEDs are perfect for lighting up your garden during the holidays. Of all the various electrical light solutions, LEDs are low-cost, which makes them great for spreading around your garden to add some Christmas cheer to your street. Christmas lights don’t need to be overwhelming – in fact, the subtle, soft glow of a slow twinkle or a static light will help make your property more homely.

If you have hedges, opt for net lights rather than strands of lights. LED nets might be a little more expensive, but they’re easier to set up, and look more effective on a hedge. Stand lights can get messy – especially if you’re not used to putting lights in your garden. You can even dress up your trees by wrapping some lights around them. If you’re wrapping several trees, try to keep the start and finish points of the lights in the same place on each tree; this will keep them looking uniform. Another great idea for decorative lighting is to use LEDs to create a light walkway. You can do this with a few strands of standard LED lights, or perhaps a length of flat LED strips. Alternatively, LED gadgets (such as light-up stars or fairies) can be great to line your pathway or driveway.

Remember to put all of your lights on a timer so that they go off before sunrise and come on after the sun has fully set. Winter nights are dark and long and having a well-lit street can help those who are walking home feel safer in the area.

Choosing Your Wreath

Hanging a wreath on your door is one of the most classic Christmas decorations that there is. A unique wreath is an easy way to impress your guests and stand out. Most wreaths can be found in-store on the high street, in any place that also sells trees and other Christmas decorations. However, if you’re looking for a special wreath, try buying one from an outdoor market or from a small business that makes them by hand.

 Remember to keep to a small group of colours for your overall colour scheme. Red and green is classic and looks great with silver or gold highlights. Or, you can be less traditional, and try mixing silvers and blues for a truly magical winter wonderland look. You could even look at a lighter colour scheme like gold and pink! The possibilities are endless.

If you would like your garden to have a more festive look next Christmas, then look no further than CMA Garden Design. Our team can help you bring your ideas to life and create the perfect garden for entertaining. To find out more, just get in touch with us today.