Garden Design Sketch Plan

After you initial FREE consultation, we’ll set up a meeting to talk through your sketch plan project in detail.

By talking to you and asking you questions, we can get clear in both our minds what it is that you want from your garden. From there we have a firm foundation. Here’s what our discussion will cover:

  •  What you use your garden for now and what you like and don’t like about it.
  • What you want to use your garden for – for example: entertaining, relaxing, pottering, growing vegetables, somewhere for the children to play.
  • What sort of materials you like for hard landscaping – stone, wood, bricks, metal, etc.
  • What sort features you want to incorporate – from patios to gazebos, from water features to greenhouses
  • What sort of plants you like and don’t like – any favourites, colours, textures, etc.
  • Your budget.

 From here the sketch design plan process covers:

  •  A garden survey – measurements, soil type, aspect, major features, etc. so we can advise on how best to achieve your new garden.
  • Our design ideas are presented to you so that together we can discuss and refine the structure of the garden. This includes how different parts of the garden will be used to meet your objectives and the major hard landscaping elements that are the essential base for the rest of the plan.
  • An indication of the type of plants to consider for the various areas of the garden.

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